Sep 2012 – now


Project Manager

We work together with your ideas or your projects from the roots, we can also help you implement improvements or new ideas in existing projects. We reinforce your marketing ideas and help you with web and brand development.

Jan 2020 – May 2020

La Papaya Hostel

Project Manager

Rebranding of the initial project “Manipa Hostel” to expand our target and offer new experiences to travelers.

Aug 2016 – Dec 2019

Manipa Hostel

Project Manager

Rebuilding of an old Canarian house to turn it into an ecological Hostel.

Nov 2014 – Nov 2015

HiTide Hostel

Product Manager

Product creation. I did the Interior design, Branding, marketing and communication project and business structure.

Jan 2008 – Nov 2012


Project Manager

Founding partner of a broadcasting, community management and streaming video agency.

Dec 1999 – Nov 2012


Project Manager

Founding partner of a web development, digital consulting, online marketing, SEO / SEM, Email marketing company.

Nov 2010 – Nov 2012

Maktub Surfshop

Project Manager

Online store + showroom with “alternative” surf equipment. Own stock of t-shirts, caps, surf-covers, surfboards, etc.

Jan 2006 – Nov 2012


Project Manager

Barcelona surfing website, wave forecast technology, sale of material and information on all Barcelona beaches.

Jul 1997 – Jul  2001

Proyecto Ravalsurf


Volunteer project offering young people from the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona the possibility of surfing, repairing boards and learning weather.



Add campaigns

Project management

Web projects







Final Cut

Web development







Jordi Vila

CEO / FEEL Surfcamp

Juanma helped us find what we needed and couldn’t see. His fresh and clean point of view was able to identify all the potentialities and growth margin. His help was enormous and improved our presence, positioning and efficiency. Highly recommended, hard-working and creative experience!

Alex Carrasco

Art Director / Inoutsiel Studio

Juanma demonstrated he had a very enthusiastic and positive attitude toward every project, and it was really easy to work with him thanks to his energy and deep knowledge of the trade. He’s is a fine professional and creative, who will enhance the look and feel of every piece he is working on. I would definitively collaborate with him again.

About me

My core is web development, I started creating websites in 1999 and since then I have always been very curious to explore other related areas. I’ve also created different projects and businesses related to digital marketing but also tourism. In this sense I have created all the projects including the business plan, marketing and communication strategies, Branding and the implementation of the entire business from an initial idea.

In order to apply all these different knowledge, I created Pixelabi where I integrate all these work experiences together with your ideas or your new projects. I can also help you implement improvements or different ideas in existing projects and provide a reinforcement to your marketing and communication strategy. I can also help you with the development of your web project or brand creation.


Great ideas

I believe in creatively mixing of previous ideas with unrelated associations and new knowledge.

Marketing and Communication

I think those great ideas have to reach your clients and that is why you have to speak to them in the same language.


I believe in visual simplicity, in the elegance of colors and in how much we can show without writing a single word.

Web projects

I believe in 360 digital communication and I believe these projects must be solid, structured and have a clear objective.


You can check my portfolio here